Gabriel Power & Energy

A repositioning project and a new brand for Gabriel, a company specializing in power & energy product services with a strong international business and network in this industry.


Sometimes, your brand becomes very outdated, your target niche, no longer responds. No matter the reason, it could be time for some Rebranding. What is the key Rebranding Challenges for our well established business?

Of course, changing the visual nature and perception of your brand is always with its problems. The most common challenges brands face when reinventing them is their old reputation. Especially current customers will have a difficult time overcoming their previous knowledge and biases concerning your brand, which just happens to be exactly your motive.

Gabriel Power & Energy help marketers answer their most important questions via the industry’s most comprehensive understanding of the offline consumer journey. After impressively well establishing their feet in the market, considering some of the above measures, it was best time to evolve as per the new era at this dawn. They need to reinvent their brand position, visual identity, and web presence to embrace the future market today.


Now for the solution, we began with a profound discovery phase that examined the competitive, dynamic and explored opportunities for positioning and visual directions. Gabriel needed a clear and brand new differentiator, and we found that in the idea of bringing humanity to a technical space. We reconstruct Gabriel’s current mark to be unique and anchored in its core brand attributes.

The resulting logotype uses a custom Mathematical figure to animate Gabriel’s positively energetic addition concept. We extended that work into a new brand identity system and a rebuilt website experience. We rethought Gabriel’s value propositions for each of its core energy products and developed messaging and site copy to reflect the new direction.


Thus we have reinvented the brand for the Gabriel so as to perish newly generated flaws for fuming the better future of the company. We are the ones who can help you to attract your target audience by manipulating the face of the company in means of the design shades.

Gabriel Power & Energy Pvt. Ltd.
May 27, 2019