Business Conference Branding

The Biggest Party
In The Credit Repair
Industry 2019

The annual Festival/Conference around celebrating the Credit Repair industry professionals that put their time, resources, and energy into helping Americans. 20+ Biggest leaders in Credit Repair as keynote speakers and 400+ Business professionals had attended this festival on 14th to 16th June 2019 at Miami, Florida.

We started off with an ambitious objective of designing a best-in-class conference website for CreditFest. To achieve this vision, we designed a new logo, produced content and marketing copy, created digital marketing, promotional materials. Everything which required to promote a successful branding campaign for the CreditFest. The entire user experience had to be perfect.

Website: User Interface &
User Experience Design

The new designed website, increased traffic and engagement, given CreditFest organisers more opportunities to connect with visitors through events, volunteering, community outreach, digital campaign, and conservation efforts. 

Our web design and development consolidated a new websites and over 9 disjointed pages into a single 5-page user-centric website. The new website makes it easy for users to find festival information, vendors and sponsors details, about speakers, schedule, registration and an overall improvement in customer satisfaction. 

Logo: CreditFest Miami Theme
Logo Design

We executed a complete package, created a brand as well as a website that’s consistent with it. We designed a logo that represents CreditFest: by combining an incorporate graphics “festival” cum “professionals business conference” overall look, we achieved a memorable symbol that carries a Miami location theme with a brand vision. 

Design: Promotional Web & Printed
Materials Designs

We created daily social media campaign posts with announcement, speakers, volenters, offers designs. As well as backdrop banner design for all keynote speakers, stage background, tickets, passes, etc. Using a Miami beach colorful color-scheme, we were able to position the content in many different ways on the all designs, which keeps users engaged visually.

Results: Better Engagement &
Happier Festival

As a result of this project, the CreditFest has a website to provide all details about this business conference and has the potential to increase the number of people coming to its festival, get them registered, raise awareness about the festival, interaction with vendors, mentors; and more.

Our creative and conceptual designs translate to a huge impact on their overall online sales performance. Also we have started work on the CreditFest 2020 with the new location, theme and at a bigger scale.

Credit Fest
June 13, 2019
Corporate Conference Branding