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Make your business presence special with a unique Logo.
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Selected meaningful words, creative’s, relevant font types, presentable design, matching colors, great personality, promising prices, and effective service, etc. is combined to make your “Brand”.  Attract quality viewers towards your business and build unique identity in the market with Tech

The very important thing branding does is it helps to return your customers back to you for more. “You know symbols, but you remember logos” this is where the branding matters. Branding is a type of muted interaction with your customers which talks a lot about your brand to them. This is what the word “Apple” does with the technology company and this is what the word “Windows” does with the Microsoft. Thus, Branding Matters!

Why Fit In When You Were Born To Stand Out! – Get the custom made unique design for your business from our highly skilled and innovative branding experts.

What you get?

  • Fresh logo for your business
  • Logo design process in details
  • Innovative ideas for your designs
  • A unique brand image to make you special then others
  • A full-proof action plan for your re-branding needs
  • Free access to Galobe Portal

Our Logo Design Process


“The best color in the world is the one that looks good on you” Our design experts keen eyes and creative mind does it for your logo. You also get some logo variants with different color combinations.


Our designer hearts are full of fertile seeds, waiting to sprout. We at Galobe believe in first understanding your business. For this we research in depth and perform analysis. This helps our designers to get current trending ideas about your business. Our experts explore the world for you and gather required information which is required for the logo concept.

Final Logo

Once we finalize the logo it is ready to be implemented wherever you want in whichever format it is needed. We believe that we are the one who can deliver you the most stunning and memorable final logo design.


There are many designers who can work directly on computers while designing a logo. But we start it from scratch on paper. Sketching a logo on paper and presenting a logo in this format makes it easy to understand the layout and the helps to optimize the further processing. Once the design gets ready on the paper then this compact idea is ready to be transferred to the computer for digitization.


We create scalable vectors on computer of the final sketch. Our logo design experts have complete knowledge of technology and art. Thus, it helps to develop a 100% fresh and pure desired logo using digital platform. Our logo designers use software’s like adobe illustrator to design the paper concept in a solid visual black and white digital logo design.